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Depression and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Part 1)

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Depression and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy by Chris Williams and Ben Wiffen At any one time, one in six people in the UK struggle with a mental health problem, and one in four will be unwell over the course of a year.1 Overall, around one in three GP consultations involves mental health problems in some way.2 […]

Sex Selection (Part 2-end)

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Sex Selection by John Wyatt Read: Sex Selection (Part 1) Challenging Discrimination Those who argue for sex selection for medical reasons point to the seriously debilitating nature of some sex-linked disorders. In this case, the issue is about maximising the chance of having a healthy baby. Opponents say that while using sex selection to avoid […]

Sex Selection (Part 1)

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Sex Selection by John Wyatt It seems obvious that all parents would want to have healthy children and happy families. Part of this can mean trying have not only the desired number of children, but also children of a desired sex. The motive may be to avoid certain genetic disease or to meet particular social […]

Info Lowongan Kerja : RS Babtis Kediri dan Klinik Babtis Kupang

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Salam kasih, RS Babtis Kediri dan Klinik Babtis Kupang membuka kesempatan bekerja bagi Rekan-rekan Medis sekalian. Untuk informasi posisi dan kualifikasi dapat dilihat melalui Flyer di bawah ini. Informasi lebih lanjut dapat menghubungi: (0354) 682172 atau HP. 081332446177. Terima kasih.

Perkembangan Profesionalisme Demi Kemanusiaan

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Ada dua kriteria seseorang disebut profesional. Pertama, dari segi kualitas kerja, dan yang kedua, dikaitkan dengan perilaku. Soal kualitas kerja menyangkut hasil pekerjaan kita yang dihargai oleh pemakai. Kalau dokter, ya bagaimana pekerjaannya bisa menyembuhkan pasien, hasil pemeriksaannya manjur. Kalau guru, bagaimana hasil pengajarannya membuat murid-murid menjadi pintar dan bergairah belajar. Itulah profesionalisme. Intinya, hasil […]

Regarding The Image (Part 3-end)

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Regarding The Image by Helen Barratt Read: Regarding The Image (Part 2) Implications of the Image In the past, the concept of the sanctity of human life was perhaps most clearly associated with Christian concerns about abortion.39 In recent years, discussions have have shifted towards topics such as voluntary euthanasia and assisted dying,40 as well […]